Foot Levelers: Custom Foot Orthotics

Take the First Step Towards a More Balanced Body

Take the First Step Towards a More Balanced Body

Get custom orthotics in Burlingame, CA

Do you have frequent pain or discomfort in your neck, back or legs? You may not be looking in the right place for a solution. The alignment of your feet has a huge impact on the way the rest of your body falls into balance. Contact Lightner Chiropractic today to see how custom orthotics can improve your health and wellbeing.

Your feet are the foundation of your body. After all, the average American takes around 6,000 steps every day. An experienced chiropractor can inspect the way you walk and wear your shoes to detect issues causing problems elsewhere in your body.

Call us today to discuss custom foot levelers with a professional chiropractor in Burlingame, CA.

How can you tell if you need foot levelers?

Custom orthotics are an investment in good postural health. You may think you have even posture, but a large majority of people may never realize that their bodies have grown unbalanced over time. Contact us today if:

  • You stand or walk on hard surfaces for more than 4 hours a day
  • You participate regularly in sports like basketball, baseball, tennis, golf or bowling
  • You are 40 years of age or older
  • You have had a prior knee, back or neck injury
  • Your shoes wear unevenly
  • You have joint pain while standing, walking or running
  • One of your legs is shorter than the other
  • You have knock-knees or bow legs
  • You have obvious foot problems like bunions, corns or flat feet
  • Your feet "toe out" when you walk

If any of the above applies to you, ask us how foot levelers can help you stay mobile and pain-free. Call our office in Burlingame, CA today.